The Decorating Diva Home Décor Market is a shopping destination waiting for you to experience. 

Pam Wardell is “The Decorating Diva”.  I am an Interior Decorator and Designer.  My passion is creating beautiful room spaces for you to enjoy with your family and friends.  I enjoy assisting clients with colour choices for their rooms, design ideas to change a rooms function and creating the vision the client hopes to see.

The Decorating Diva Interior Design and Decorating Process

The Decorating Diva is an Interior Decorator/Designer that works with you to pull your room together in your style and budget.  I will work with your style and budget—taking the guess work out of decorating.
You will share your style and inspiration with me—whether you have a picture board full of ideas or are just getting started. I will also work with your existing furniture pieces to create a cohesive design and layout.
I will work one-on-one collaboratively with you at your convenience throughout the design process.  To kick off your project, I will start with a fun and easy project questionnaire where you will provide details about your room, design needs, budget, and inspiration. I will message with you to collaborate on ideas before sending your initial concepts to rate and review. I will incorporate feedback into the final room design and layout a list of furniture and accessories to shop for.